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90% of online stores are affected
by Fraud.

Protect your
online shop now!

All-in-one cybersecurity for e-commerce.

Fraud in Ecommerce

0 %
of all companies were affected by phishing attacks in 2020.
0 %
of traffic to online stores is generated by malicious bots.
0 %
of customers bounce before making a purchase because they are redirected by spam and malware.
0 %
of online shops owners in Germany have been victims of order fraud.

Optimize revenue and reduce costs
with a secure online shop

Increase your turnover

Prevent fraudulent orders and increase the order acceptance rate.

Secure your shop

Prevent bot attacks and block malware. Find phishing sites. Stop scammers. Know about the security of third-party tools.

Reduce your costs

Avoid chargebacks by blocking fraudulent orders. Stop letting bots drain your marketing budget.

Easy to use

No time for complicated tools! Use a one tool to make your online shop secure for you and your customers.

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Key features

Why Skyflare?

01. fraud detection

Protect your customers and your business from fraud

Order Fraud Prevention

Most powerful and user-friendly fraud prevention tool.

Ad Fraud Prevention

Automatic blocking of invalid and fraudulent clicks.

02 Reporting and analysis

We continuously monitor and analyze your online store and create detailed risk analyses.


03 Threat Detection

360° cybersecurity for your online shop

Enhance your shop's cybersecurity with top-level protection, similar to the security measures employed in online banking.


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