Why is Ad Fraud on the Rise in recent years? How Much Damage Can Ad Click Bot Cause to E-commerce Companies?

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of technology, the e-commerce industry has witnessed significant growth, and advertising has become a key strategy for companies to expand their influence. However, along with this growth, the issue of ad fraud, particularly in e-commerce, has become a major challenge. In 2023, the emergence of ad click bots exacerbated this problem, causing substantial losses to e-commerce companies.

Types of E-commerce Ad Fraud: Explaining Click Hijacking and Ad Click Bot

Click Hijacking

Click hijacking is a cunning ad fraud technique where attackers redirect clicks from one ad to another, effectively “stealing” those clicks. To execute this fraudulent attack, the attackers must infiltrate users’ computers, the websites of ad publishers, or proxy servers. This kind of fraud relies on the attackers going unnoticed, making it challenging to detect.

There are two main methods of click hijacking: using malicious apps to inject false click data and manipulation through browser extensions. Advertisers often struggle to identify such fraudulent activities promptly, leading to significant financial losses.

Click Bots

Ad click bots represent another prevalent form of e-commerce ad fraud. These automated programs are designed to simulate real user click behavior, generating a large number of clicks on ads that do not represent genuine potential customers. This not only wastes the advertiser’s budget but also distorts the true reflection of market demand in advertising effectiveness.

Ad click bots are typically created by malicious actors using technological means to mimic various user behaviors, including clicking on ads and filling out forms. Such activities not only result in financial losses for advertisers but also disrupt the overall health of the advertising ecosystem.

How to Prevent Click Hijacking and Click Bots

To prevent click hijacking and ad click bot, advertisers can take several effective measures to safeguard their ad budgets and ensure the authenticity of their advertising efforts.

1. Monitor Advertising Activities Regularly

Regularly monitoring advertising activities is the first step in preventing ad fraud. By using advertising monitoring tools, advertisers can track campaign performance, detect abnormal activities, and promptly identify potential fraudulent behavior.

2. Utilize Anti-Fraud Technologies

Leveraging modern technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can help advertisers recognize abnormal click patterns. These technologies analyze large datasets to swiftly identify unusual behavior, enhancing the efficiency of fraud detection.

3. Utilize Security Features on Advertising Platforms

Advertising platforms often provide security features, such as anti-fraud mechanisms and ad transaction verification. Advertisers should make the most of these features to enhance the security of their ad placements.

4. Set Reasonable Ad Budget Limits

Setting reasonable ad budget limits can effectively prevent ad click bots from abusing the budget. When the ad budget reaches its limit, the advertising system stops displaying ads, reducing potential losses.

5. Regularly Update Security Strategies

As ad fraud techniques continually evolve, advertisers should regularly update their security strategies. Collaborating with security professionals, staying informed about the latest threat intelligence, and adjusting defense measures in a timely manner are crucial to combating emerging forms of fraud.

How does Skyflare protect E-commerce web shops from Click bots attack?

Real-Time Click Fraud Protection from Click bots:

Skyflare provides robust real-time protection against click fraud, ensuring the integrity of your Ads campaigns. The software employs an in-time defence mechanism that automatically identifies and blocks invalid traffic to safeguard your advertising budget. By swiftly detecting and preventing fraudulent clicks, Skyflare minimizes the impact of malicious activities on your campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Automated Blocking: Skyflare instantly blocks invalid and deceptive clicks, including those originating from competitors, brand haters, bots, unintentional clicks, and click farms.
  • Customizable Rules: Users have the flexibility to define specific rules governing click behavior within the Skyflare Dashboard. This allows for tailored settings on how frequently an IP address can interact with your campaign within a given timeframe.


  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: With real-time protection, your Ads campaigns are shielded from potentially harmful activities, ensuring that your advertising efforts yield genuine and meaningful results.
  • Budget Optimization: By preventing click fraud, Skyflare helps optimize your advertising budget, directing resources towards legitimate interactions and conversions.

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Click Fraud Analysis and Prevention:

Skyflare goes beyond mere protection by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for click fraud analysis and prevention. Understanding the importance of valid data in crafting successful advertising campaigns, Skyflare provides detailed insights and reports to empower users in making informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • Campaign Analytics: Skyflare offers a bird’s eye view of impressions, clicks, and conversions, providing advertisers with a clear understanding of their campaign performance.
  • Click Fraud Prevention: The software automatically identifies and blocks various forms of click fraud, safeguarding campaigns from intentional clicks aimed at depleting budgets or manipulating campaign analyses.


  • 20% Clicks Originating from Bots or Competitors: Skyflare includes this vital statistic, highlighting the prevalence of click fraud in online advertising and emphasizing the need for a robust protection mechanism.


  • Informed Decision-Making: Skyflare’s detailed reports enable advertisers to make informed decisions based on accurate campaign data, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their advertising strategies.
  • Proactive Prevention: By proactively preventing click fraud, Skyflare ensures the reliability of the data used to measure campaign success, ultimately leading to more reliable and trustworthy advertising outcomes.

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