Integrity Protection

November 19, 2021 2024-04-09 0:57

Integrity Protection

Risk management for third-party tools


Real-time warnings

Continuous monitoring and real-time alerts on emerging risks.
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Risk minimization

Prevent malware hidden in third-party tools from affecting your shop or your customers.

Risk assessment

Receive a qualified risk assessment for each third-party tool.

01. Identify

Make sure that only secure third-party tools are running on your store.


Third-party resources are regularly monitored and the code is automatically analyzed to detect changes and their effects.

Real-time analysis

We also analyze the behavior of third-party scripts in real time during the purchasing process.

02. Evaluation

Integrated reporting for optimal risk management

What risk do third-party tools pose?

Malicious code or malware can infiltrate third-party tools, for example to steal customer data. This happens unnoticed by third-party providers, online shops and customers.

30 - 60

The average online store uses third-party tools.

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