Journey Protection

November 19, 2021 2024-04-09 0:57

Customer Journey Protection

Protect your store from journey hijacking

browser (1)

Eliminate spam ad injection

Stop unauthorized advertising.

Smooth customer journey

Make sure that your customers only see what you want them to see.
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Fraud prevention

Prevent customers from being redirected to malicious websites by fraudulent ads.

01 Spam Ad Protection

Skyflare detects malicious ad injections and blocks them.

Stop customer redirection

We prevent customers from being diverted from your shop by price comparisons or advertisements from competitors.

Protect your customers

Customers are not only diverted to competitors. The fraudulent Ads can also lead to malicious websites.

02. Customer Journey Protection

Your customer wants a stress-free and smooth shopping experience, without fraudulent ads.

What are Spam Ads?

Customers may have unknowingly installed browser extensions that are used to display fraudulent ads (spam ads) via pop-ups. These spam ads lead to competitors, price comparisons or fraudulent websites.

20 %

of customers bounce before making a purchase because they are redirected by spam ads and malware.

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