Malware Protection

November 19, 2021 2024-04-09 0:55

Malware Protection

Protect your shop from malware

shield (2)

Real-time protection

Zero-day malware detection thanks to continuous scans.


Meaningful analyses of your ad campaigns.

Malware elimination

Identified malware is removed.

01. Proactive malware protection

Skyflare detects malware before it jeopardizes your shop.

Malware Monitoring
The online shop is continuously checked for malware injections.
Malware Research

The Skyflare team knows the latest malware attacks and can proactively protect your shop.

02. Fraud prevention

Protect your customers from malware attacks

What is malware?

Malware are computer programs that have been developed to carry out unwanted and possibly harmful functions. In most cases, the malicious functions are concealed or the software runs completely unnoticed in the background. In the case of online shops, this is usually aimed at identity theft.

20 %

is the growth rate of skimming attacks (malware) due to Corona.

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