Order Fraud Protection

November 18, 2021 2024-04-09 0:48

Order Fraud Protection

Detect order fraud before damage occurs

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Automated fraud detection

You no longer have to waste time manually checking orders.
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The existing ordering processes are not impacted.
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Safety standards

We use the highest security standards to protect all data optimally.

01. Save Time & Money

Most powerful and user-friendly fraud prevention tool.

Prevent loss of revenue

Stop fraudulent orders, increase order acceptance rate and avoid operational costs.

Save valuable time daily

You no longer have to waste time manually checking orders, initiating chargebacks and investigating fraud.

02. Real-time Fraud Detection

We monitor all orders and transactions.

What is order fraud?

Criminals order goods on the Internet without intending to pay. To do this, they use stolen identities, misuse the purchase on account or claim not to have received the delivery.

2 %

the loss of turnover due to order fraud according to expert estimates.

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